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#03 Business Planning - 5 Steps To Create A Powerful Business

January 10, 2018
It's sad to say that the majority of business owners are winging it. They have no written down business plan of where they are heading. In fact for all they know they could be heading in the wrong direct. In this coaching podcast, Craig shares the 5 steps to creating a powerful 12 month business plan. He reveals how implementing these 5 simple but highly effective steps has helped him to build, grow & sell his business. This business-planning strategy is now helping thousands of business owners to do the same. Grab a pen and notepad and discover how to take your business to the next level in 12 months.
What You Will Learn From Listening To This Podcast 
1. How to identify your 12 month business vision
2. Discover the 9 key areas of business you have to plan for
3. Identifying your business strengths & weaknesses so you know what to plan first 
4. How to write & create your 12 month business plan
5. How to write & create a 90 day action plan

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