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#17 Interview With Tom Pickering On How The EBA Has Transformed His Business

January 22, 2020

In this podcast episode Craig interviews Elite Business Academy member Tom Pickering from Clearance And Cleanup at his offices. Tom shares how becoming a member of the EBA has totally transformed his business and life. He talks about the challenges he had in his business and how he developed a new mindset to overcome them. He shares how attending the EBA's business coaching, networking and motivational events has helped him to improve and grow his business.


What You Will Learn From Listening To This Podcast 


1. How networking has helped Tom win more business and increase his turnover

2. How discovering personal development has helped him to become more confident

3. How changing the business model has helped to attract him ideal clients

4. Making more profit has allowed Tom to employ more members of staff.

5. His honest advice to anyone running their own business

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