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#21 How To Generate Leads From Video Marketing

February 10, 2021

Most people realise that using video for marketing purposes is growing at an incredible rate.  Most know that it is the right thing to do for their business.  So why are most people still not shooting videos?

YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine on the planet.  

People will watch a video for far longer than they’ll read an article or social media post.  They also watch them at a time that’s convenient for them to do their research, which may be outside your working hours.  Videos create brand awareness and they are the most shared content on social media.

Craig started using video marketing for his previous business back in 2010!  And he’s never looked back.  In this coaching session he explains exactly how to use video marketing to generate more leads for your business and what equipment you’ll need with only a tiny budget.


Here is what you will learn from this podcast:
  • Where 18-49 year olds hang out rather than watching TV
  • Who earned over $30m on YouTube at the age of just 9 in 2020
  • The benefits of video marketing for you as a business owner
  • Why you probably aren’t shooting videos right now
  • How to become a video influencer
  • What your content MUST include
  • The two types of video you should shoot
  • How to create a vlog
  • How to use video as social proof for prospects
  • How to get a YouTube channel
  • What equipment you need for under £100
  • The best editing software, for all abilities and all budgets
  • The six ways you can repurpose one video


Limiting beliefs stop business owners forging ahead.  Worrying about what others will think, does exactly the same.

The internet is flooded with businesses in every industry and sector and so you really have to be disruptive and stop people scrolling past.

The way to do that is with video.  Video which positions you as an expert and shows your authority in your area of specialisation.

If you want leads to flow to you, shooting regular videos is THE way to do it.  Its not expensive or complicated.  In many cases its completely free and will only take a small amount of time.

Just imagine being known as the go-to person, the person people want to engage with and work with.  By putting regular video content out there, that’s exactly what will happen to you.

No more excuses.  Watch this coaching session and get shooting video!


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